"Dancing for Hope" by the Vykrutas Ukrainian Dance Society

"Dancing for Hope" by the Vykrutas Ukrainian Dance Society

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Our mission is to preserve and share Ukrainian heritage and culture through the joy of dance! Artistic Director, Vasyl Kanevets' unique style emphasizes the Ukrainian spirit, and showcases traditional folk dances that have been passed down for generations. Our hard work and dedication have been recognized with awards from Canada and Ukraine, which have further motivated us to continue to strive for excellence. Our students range from 3 to adult, and have all found a home at our school. We invite you to dance with us and experience the joy that comes with sharing Ukrainian dance with others.

The motivation behind the creation of our own pysanka was the desire to express our deep appreciation for Ukrainian culture. We collaborated with each student in our school to bring this piece to life. Our school logo serves as a representation of our school and our love for Ukrainian dance. The Ukrainian trident (tryzub) symbolizes the strength and passion of the Ukrainian people. The criss-cross lines in our design signify the separation of good and evil, right and wrong. The stars symbolize eternal life and good fortune, towards our dancers and families. Lastly, the flower accents embody wisdom, elegance, beauty, love, caring, and friendship, all of which are integral to our dance organization.


Pysanka design by Adrianna Snihura
Painting done by the students of Vykrutas Ukrainian Dance Society

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Size: 2.5'

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