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$30,000 worth of of medical aid and over $10,000 in educational supplies is on its way from Langford to Ukraine at the end of April. Learn more about how WUNDERfund is helping to keep Ukrainian children safe and well educated!

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Volunteers from the Victoria Hand Project are heading to Ukraine on a mission to help victims of war with special technology to make prosthetic limbs.

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Members of Langford-Global Medic Ukraine Project will return to Ukraine with close to $75,000 in firefighting and extraction equipment, as well as medical and school supplies

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A mother from Ukraine thanks WUNDERfund for helping bring her two boys to safety from Ukraine to the United Kingdom.

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This is a reflection by a Kyiv region resident who has been living through the war, through the original Russian invasion of Ukraine's territories in 2014 to today. Ania describes her experiences, and how WUNDERfund helped her, her family and those around her.

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One of our founders, Evelyn Ofsoske, speaks with CTV's Joelle Tomlinson about the ongoing situation in Ukraine and how you can help.

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With the help of WUNDERfund, Wilson Pharmacy in Port Coquitlam, BC is donating crutches, ankle braces and other devices to support mental and physical health recovery in war-torn Ukraine.

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Drishti, Canada's premiere South Asian lifestyle magazine, covers the generous donation from Wilson Pharmacy and WUNDERfund.

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WUNDERfund went to Poland and collaborated with journalist and writer Jacek Hugo-Bader to deliver humanitarian aid into Ukraine. Our delivery included life-saving medical supplies and badly-needed fuel, but also hand-drawn pictures and toys from Canadian children to help Ukrainian children manage their feelings during the war.

(Note: website text and video are in German)

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Retired Canadian Forces General Rick Hillier says Ukraine is struggling for its life and Western countries must do more.

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