WUNDERfund in the Media

WUNDERfund is sending much-needed dental and medical care to the Ukrainian front lines. Find out more, and how you can help, by watching the coverage below and joining our fundraising drive: "Mobile Wellness in Ukraine" on Charity Footprints.

A West Shore golf tournament raised money for local charities and Ukraine, partnering with WUNDERfund to provide free mental healthcare services to those affected by the war.

WUNDERfund and the UOCA were this year's beneficiaries of the Pysanky for Peace show and fundraising campaign. These traditional Ukrainian easter eggs are giant, beautiful, testaments to the will of the Ukrainian people.

Watch CTV interview Evelyn Ofsoske, our CEO, and Daena Diduck, pysanky master and the 2023 Pysanky for Peace campaign's lead artist, interviewed by CTV in Daena's studio.

See Evelyn and Dana's interview with City News at Southcentre Mall as they discuss the importance of the 2023 Pysanky for Peace campaign and how the event supported a free Ukraine.

Un groupe d'Ukrainiens organise une campagne de financement et une exposition au SouthCentre Mall de Calgary pour venir en aider au peuple d'Ukraine. Ils veulent amasser des fonds en organisant une vente aux enchères de pysanky, des oeufs de Pâques traditionnels en Ukraine.

As part of its efforts to combat injustice in Ukraine, Lawyers Without Borders partners with WUNDERfund to support mental health initiatives for lawyers and judges adjudicating war crimes.

$30,000 worth of of medical aid and over $10,000 in educational supplies is on its way from Langford to Ukraine at the end of April. Learn more about how WUNDERfund is helping to keep Ukrainian children safe and well educated!

Volunteers from the Victoria Hand Project are heading to Ukraine on a mission to help victims of war with special technology to make prosthetic limbs.

Members of Langford-Global Medic Ukraine Project will return to Ukraine with close to $75,000 in firefighting and extraction equipment, as well as medical and school supplies

One of our founders, Evelyn Ofsoske, speaks with CTV's Joelle Tomlinson about the ongoing situation in Ukraine and how you can help.

With the help of WUNDERfund, Wilson Pharmacy in Port Coquitlam, BC is donating crutches, ankle braces and other devices to support mental and physical health recovery in war-torn Ukraine.

Drishti, Canada's premiere South Asian lifestyle magazine, covers the generous donation from Wilson Pharmacy and WUNDERfund.

Retired Canadian Forces General Rick Hillier says Ukraine is struggling for its life and Western countries must do more.

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Make a donation here

Make a direct donation here in increments starting at just $5. Your donation will be used to deliver much-needed supplies to our contacts on the ground in Ukraine, extract and resettle refugees, and provide medical and mental health aid to those affected by the war. Your generosity is truly making a difference to their survival.


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