"Stepom (Steppes)" by Daena Diduck
"Stepom (Steppes)" by Daena Diduck
"Stepom (Steppes)" by Daena Diduck
"Stepom (Steppes)" by Daena Diduck

"Stepom (Steppes)" by Daena Diduck

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This pysanka was created with thoughts of the song Stepom/Степом that the artist sang when she was part of Lastiwka Ukrainian Choir in Saskatoon. The song is a traditional Ukrainian Song is considered an anti-war song. The artist still can hear and picture her friend Holly singing the haunting solo with her beautiful voice.

Steppes/Stepom - English version
Golden wheat fields filled with young men fighting 
Golden wheat fields blood their story writing 
Mother, mother you were left alone 
Standing crying near your burning home. 
Golden wheat fields sound of cannon firing 
Golden wheat fields young men falling dying 
Golden wheat fields claiming young and brave 
Whispering fields you became their grave. 
Bindweed bindweed grows where wheat was growing 
Then the sunshine with sadness overflowing 
Shines on each memorial of stone 
Side by side yet each of them alone. 
Empty wheat fields no more call for reaping, 
Lone bird flying cries as if a weeping 
Mother, mother a faithful vigil keeps 
For her son, who sleeps eternal sleep.

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