"Our People are Titans" by Daena Diduck

"Our People are Titans" by Daena Diduck

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This pysanka was created with inspiration from WUNDERfund and other organizations the artist personally knows that are supporting newcomers from Ukraine in Canada as well as the people of Ukraine, The name of the pysanka and colours are inspired by the armed forces of Ukraine and the people fighting in Ukraine in many ways for their land and freedom. The name of the pysanka is inspired by the song by Kozak System in Ukraine. Many members of the band were part of the territorial defence at the beginning of the war and were at the Maidan protests in 2013-2014. The band was in North America this past summer on a fundraising tour and has been also touring Ukraine and Poland to raise money for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The pysanka also has a version of the Ukrainian Coat of Arms called the Tryzub which was designed by pysanka artist Tetiana Konoval in Kyiv, that has been displaced from Eastern Ukraine since 2013.

Song Lyrics by Kozak System (English Version)
And we are still, and we are still fighting,
And we still, and we still dance!..
You healed our wounds with metal,
Because we are people, we are people-titans!

I will ask you someday
You rule everything up there in the sky:
Why didn't he call us with him?...
Haven't we paid our fate?...
What do you really think is necessary?...
We were quite fond of you!...
Your Mona Lisa is already three hundred years old!
And to hell with her! And to hell with it!

I will ask you one thing:
May all our people not be forgotten!
And here we are, as long as we breathe evenly,
Everything is stable. Plus. Plus.
Everything is stable...

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