"Our Kin Will Last Forever" by Sadochok
"Our Kin Will Last Forever" by Sadochok
"Our Kin Will Last Forever" by Sadochok

"Our Kin Will Last Forever" by Sadochok

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Sadochok offers Calgary's sole accredited bilingual Ukrainian/English preschool and daycare program catering to children aged 2 to 5 years. The program, run by highly skilled staff, focuses on teaching life skills in a safe and comfortable environment to prepare children for kindergarten, utilizing age-appropriate methods for literacy, numeracy, music, and art. The facility boasts large indoor and secure outdoor play areas for self-guided play and social interaction, along with field trips and special activities throughout the term. Sadochok is a non-profit organization licensed by Alberta Child and Family Services, operated with the help of parent volunteers.

Sadochok's students worked together on a project showcasing their passion for Ukrainian culture and artistic skills by crafting a pysanka named "Our Kin Will Last Forever". The pysanka, adorned with geometric designs and handprints from each student, symbolized unity and significance. This endeavor served as both a creative activity and an educational experience for all involved.


Designed by Daena Diduck
Painted by the students of the Sadochok Ukrainian Bilingual Preschool

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Size: 2.5'

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